Portrait models

To the visitors who come to Tokyo alone, I am taking pictures of you

Hello, I am YAMA, a photographer.
I’ll take pictures of foreigners who travel to Tokyo alone.

1.I’ll tag along and take some photos of you during your sightseeing.
2.I will be taking your photos for about 30-45minutes while you are sightseeing around Tokyo City area.
3.After taking your photos, I’ll deliver your JPG data through drop box or google photos.
The long side of the photograph is 1500px.
4.I don’t use Photoshop in your pictures. In my photography you will appear natural; no modification will done.
5.I can only take photos because I am simply a photographer not a tourist guide.
also, I don’t speak English well, I cannot guide you around Tokyo, sorry!

Free course
The pictures will be part of my portfolio and will be published on my blog.

Charge course
Your pictures will never be exposed by me. You can have rights to the photographs.
The charge is 5000 yen(including taxes) to be paid after the pictures are taken.

How to apply
Please send me an email with your preferred date, time, and place.
Weather is not an issue because my camera is water proof.
If the weather condition is poor, I leave it up to you to cancel.
I’ll be careful during the photography sessions. However, if there are accidents, I will not bear any responsibility.

I appreciate your understanding.
If you have any questions, please send me an email.